Attorney Timothy Widman Moderates Fee Arbitration Workshop

Attorney Timothy Widman is actively involved in the Santa Clara County Bar Association’s Mandatory Fee Arbitration program. This program offers clients and attorneys a way to resolve their fee disputes without having to go to court.

Community Benefits from Valuable Resource Video

In January, Mr. Widman had the privilege of serving on a panel for the Mandatory Fee Arbitration program. In an effort to better serve the community about the program, Mr. Widman and several other panelists shared helpful insights about fee arbitration in a video. This video is now available online and goes into detail about the fee arbitration process.

You can watch the video below to learn more. Mr. Widman discusses a number of different topics related to fee arbitration, including:

  • Statutory authority for mandatory fee arbitration
  • Voluntary fee mediation
  • Binding vs non-binding arbitration
  • The circumstances under which you may have a one arbitrator or a three arbitrator panel
  • The choice of having one arbitrator on your panel with a particular practice specialty

The Mandatory Fee Arbitration program is valuable for both clients and attorneys because it is highly confidential and far less costly than the court system. Additionally, the program allows all involved parties to resolve their concerns in a much more relaxed and informal setting.

If you have questions about the fee arbitration process, turn to the Law Office of Timothy D. Widman. He is capable of guiding clients through this process and would be honored to assist you. Call today to learn more!

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