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Travel Documents in California

Travel Considerations for Immigrants in the United States

Getting into the United States can be a considerable challenge, whether you gain entry on a nonimmigrant visa or if you obtain a green card through family- or business-based immigration. Now that you are here, you may encounter difficulties in the event that you need to leave the country with the intention of being able to return.

If you suddenly need to travel to your country of origin for a family emergency, if you want to travel or spend an extended period abroad for purposes of employment, you cannot necessarily just come and go as you please in the way that a U.S. citizen can. You will most likely first have to petition U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services a travel document which will enable you to obtain reentry to the United States at the conclusion of your travels.

Immigration travel documents are applied for using Form I-131, "Application for Travel Document," which makes it possible to request Advance Parole, a Refugee Travel Document or a Re-Entry Permit.

Each one of these is intended for a different purpose:

  • Advance Parole is for individuals who are awaiting approval of a petition for a green card and who need to leave and reenter the United States before they have achieved lawful permanent resident status, as well as for those who are waiting for approval of an asylum petition
  • Refugee Travel Document is for those who have already been granted asylum or refugee status and want to obtain reentry after temporarily leaving the U.S.
  • Re-Entry Permit is for individuals who have become lawful permanent residents or conditional residents and want to re-enter this country without first having to visit a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad to obtain a resident visa.

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