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PERM Labor Certification

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Labor Certificates have become the system by which those wishing to be granted a working visa acquire the justification to work in the U.S. This typically applies to EB-3 & EB-2 immigrant visas, those that have specialized experience or degrees in their professional fields. Labor certifications are mandatory to successfully apply for such visas, and the employer in question must file an immigration petition for all foreign workers they wish to hire for a specific job opening. In addition, employers must show that they have put forth genuine effort in finding someone that is local and can perform the duties necessary.

This proof comes in many forms that include online jobs ads, newspaper job sections, etc. Employers are told to keep all records of the effort to find an employee and all records of the foreign employee for at least five years after certification. This is due to the possibility of an audit, in which case the employer must show the exhaustive resources in finding a suitable candidate and the duties the new employee has been performing since being granted a visa.

How Long Does it Take to Process?

The term PERM stands for “Program Electronic Review Management”, and it is the process through which you apply for a labor certification with the U.S. Department of Labor. This review process can take anywhere from 3 to 7 months and once granted is valid for 180 days. These days are granted to the employer and employee can work together to effectively gather the necessary documentation to apply for one of the necessary immigrant work visas.

We Can Help Guide You through the Process

Gathering the required documentation for become a lawful working citizen of the United States is a daunting task and can set you back months of time. At the Law Offices of Timothy D. Widman we are committed to getting you the best possible results in your immigration case.

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