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Immigration Services for NAFTA Professionals

The NAFTA Professional (TN) nonimmigrant visa allows citizens of Canada and Mexico to work in the United States in prearranged, professional-level business activities.

You could be eligible to obtain a TN visa and work in the United States as a NAFTA professional if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a citizen of Canada or Mexico;
  • The position in the United States requires a NAFTA professional;
  • You will work in a prearranged full-time or part-time job for an employer (not self-employed work);
  • You have the requisite qualifications (special requirements, education, and/or experience) for the profession; and
  • Your profession meets all other requirements.

Professionals who can qualify for the TN visa include lawyers, teachers, accountants, pharmacists, engineers, and other scientists. If you believe you may qualify for a TN visa, get in touch with the Law Offices of Timothy D. Widman. Our attorney has more than 20 years of experience assisting clients with immigrant and nonimmigrant processes, and he looks forward to helping you advance your career and accomplish your goals.

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Obtaining a TN Visa

Generally, Canadian citizens can request admission at a U.S. port of entry under the TN classification without applying for a visa beforehand. Mexican citizens will need to apply for a visa at a U.S. consulate before seeking entry.

The visa grants an initial stay of three years, but you may be able to extend this status. You also have the option of obtaining derivative TN nonimmigrant status for your spouse and any children under 21. They won’t be authorized to work, however, and they can only stay for as long as you do. Unfortunately, TN visas are not dual intent visas, which means you won’t be able to adjust your status to permanent residence.

How Attorney Widman Can Assist You

If you wish to apply for TN status, we are prepared to put our decades of legal experience to work for your case. As an award-winning, highly-rated lawyer, Attorney Widman has what it takes to give your application the highest possible odds of success.

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