Ending a Hot Week on a High Note

This week I'm ending the week on a high note. Well, this week actually had lots of high notes -- and high temperatures -- but the best of all had to be two presentations I delivered today on permanent legal immigration to 11th graders studying U.S. History at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California. I was invited by their teacher Ms. Kimmie Marks to talk about the different pathways leading to the acquisition of permanent residence and citizenship. During my talks I touched upon the topics of employment-sponsored immigration, family-sponsored immigration, asylum and refugees, and the diversity visa category.

Now I had always heard that Lynbrook students were smart, but the students I met today were not only intelligent but also quick, thoughtful and funny. Thanks to them, what might have turned out to be a dry presentation on immigration law was anything but. Students expressed their genuine interest in immigration issues and asked incisive questions about tourist visas, H-1B visas, dual citizenship, and priority date waits. Some courageous students opened up about their personal immigration histories. Another student bravely confided to me after class that he wanted to go to law school and become a corporate or immigration lawyer.

My special thanks go out to Ms. Marks's 11th grade U.S. History students and to Ms. Marks herself for inviting me into her classroom and making me feel like an honored guest today.

Timothy D. Widman is a San Jose Immigration Attorney and the owner of the Law Office of Timothy D. Widman in San Jose, California.